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Dec 7, 2013 2:00pm EST
together. part of that is the practical access to the insurance coverage, which the law, unfortunately, does not guarantee for the small employers. are there planning opportunities? yes. we see small employers trying to use those to avoid compliance with the law? not yet. i think part of the lack of awareness is a little bit of a reaction to the delays that have occurred. believe there have been delays and those delays will continue. for smaller businesses, there is a sentiment that the rules for the larger employers were delayed, which they were until 2015. however, for the smaller businesses they smell many of them on the brunt of the expensive renewals this year. they offer an early renewal option to renew their policy this december and to delay the cost impacts of health reform. invariably they have taken that offer. they have basically kicked the issue down the road for another year. we will hear more about that next fall. it is a matter of the law providing access to coverage with no pre-existing conditions. it is not by any means affordable, even for the small businesses. the sm
Dec 9, 2013 5:30am PST
several dead and hundreds injured. the vote to thai law, will have to be held within 60 days. >> were the first time in four decades, singapore has been hit with riots. the unrest started after a bus hit and killed a foreign worker in the neighborhood known as little india. over two dozen people have been taken into police custody. >> dozens of people turning over police cars and attacking ambulances in singapore. no one has seen this in more than 40 years. in their homes, singaporeans watched in disbelief. time inis the first my life i have seen this. >> it started when a private bus hit and killed a foreign worker. hundreds of workers rushed to the scene, throwing objects at the bus and rescue workers, setting ablaze ambulances and police cars. authorities are asking singaporeans to share any information they have on incident. >> we take this incident very seriously. effort to resto -- arrest those who were involved. >> singaporeans debated on why the riots started. some called for tough sanctions. singapore has harsh anti-writing -- anti-rioting laws. those arrested could face up t
Al Jazeera America
Dec 4, 2013 10:00am EST
on the toughest laws in europe. >>> and i'm gabriel in brazil where the fifa final draw will be happening on friday, but everyone here is worried about the state of the stadium. ♪ >>> after ten days of anti-government protests in thailand the rallies appear to be thinning out, but it's temporary. demonstrators say that the fight will continue. earlier they marched to thai police headquarters in in bang cox where they handed over a letter demanding investigation into the death of four protesters. many have now joined the cleanup operation. the streets are littered are rubbish and debris. the king is staying at his summer palace, but first on the days' events in bangkok. >> reporter: in less than a day it went from rows of rye rot police to rows of street sweepers. like they have for the last ten days, these two pitched in. in previous days protesting. but today cleaning. traveling in from the privileged part of bangkok, the two have been friends for years. >> at least we make a point, and make our presence felt, and that even though the goal may be remote -- >> that goal being the resign
Dec 2, 2013 8:00am PST
-provided insurance who are not affected by the health care law are soon going to see themselves booted off those plans has employers decide to push employees into health exchanges. is that a real danger that americans should be worried about or is this just another fear tactic, something that the gop is using to scare people? >> at the moment i think this is just a big fear tactic. right now i have insurance through the washington post. they don't have to do anything. they don't have to give me a dollar of insurance. the affordable care act, the main change it makes is actually they would have to pay money if they didn't give me insurance so it becomes a more costly proposition for them to stop giving me insurance. the republican argument is it making it harder for employers to stop giving insurance, will mean more of them do it. it's an odd look at it. the best evidence we have on this coming out of the massachusetts reforms, which are very similar to obama care which also have a very similar kind of employer mandate, they have had no employer dropoff. in fact more employers are offering insura
Dec 3, 2013 10:00am EST
to sign into law a five cent gasoline tax increase 31 years ago when a nickel a gallon was real money. a user fee is in fact a different category from a general tax increase. the various groups that score such votes treat user fees differently. as we are attempting to resolve budget differences, there's an opportunity to embrace more transportation resources through user fee mechanisms that will have broad national support and not inspire the same fierce philosophical debate that's plagued and paralyzed our deliberations for years. it has the added benefit of being the fastest way to put hundreds of thousands of people to work at family wage jobs to help boost our flagging economy. i strongly urge my colleagues to take a step back and look at this as a way to crack the code, to meet vast unmet needs of our constituents and stabilize a critical part of our budget. who knows? if we can find a way to thread this particular transportation funding needle, how many additional opportunities are there to solve problems going forward if we can address them? this is what it -- i think what it t
Dec 3, 2013 6:00am PST
they wanted to do two months ago. start a public campaign for the health care law over law. president obama will kick-start the e effort with an event at the white house this afternoon. of course this comes nine weeks after the first rollout which was marked by glitches and crashes as well as repeated promises from the administration that things would get better. >> nobody's madder than me about the website is working as well as it should, which means it's going to get fixed. >> no one ever imagined the volume of issues and problems that we've had, and we must fix it. >> there is an enormous amount of work going on on a daily basis to make the necessary fixes and to upgrade the site with the goal of making it fully functional for the vast majority of users by the end of this month. >> i am confident that by by the time we look back on this next year that people are going to say this is working well and it's helping a lot of people. >> after all that, the white house finally appears comfortable enough to say that the website is workable and workable enough to start promoting it. late yesterd
Dec 3, 2013 7:00am EST
on the volcker rule and how to implement it. ♪ the house is set to vote on a 10 year extension on a law next weekt to expire on detecting guns through metal detectors. president obama will address the nation with the status of health and the washington post is reporting that the senate is confident they can pass the farm bill. washingtong to journal, december 3, 2013. you have heard about the amazon the faaamazon store to is posted developer rules by 2015 on use of drones and commercial airspace. we want to get your thoughts on whether or not you would support or oppose drone use. here is how you can call in the -- a we that you choose the line the best record since you. if you want to weigh in on social media, three ways you can do so, you can send us a tweet. you can send something to our .acebook page and you can always send this e- mail -- send us e-mail, the faa is already in the process of developing regulations on how drones would be used. they are supposed to be set by 2015. maybe you have seen the video from the cbs piece that ran. about five pounds wou
Dec 5, 2013 8:00pm EST
sponsored the patrick leahy law and that prohibits the department of state and defense to provide military aid to foreign military and police forces that engage and violate human rights. and he never stops leading on an issue central to our mission at human rights first and that is refuge protection. and the act he sponsors elimina eliminates them from not having safe places to go. in 2009, he called for the creation of an independent investigation for torture after 9-11. he is a determined pragmatic person and an idealist who is less interested in making statements than change. he is willing and able to work with republicans on human rights and/or other -- and other issues -- he and rubio are trying to get the trafficking victims protection act. patrick leahy is now the longest serving u.s. senate and he is president pro-term of the senate. don't tell him that, because he thinks, and i think all of us in the room know it is true, that he is just getting started. ladies and gentlemen, i hope you will give a warm welcome to our keynote speaker, the honorable patrick leahy. [ applause ] >> t
Al Jazeera America
Dec 4, 2013 1:00pm EST
: in london with more from europe, including a clamp down on prostitution. the toughest laws in europe pass bpassed by the lower house. >> i'm in stockholm and i'll show you how this neck wrap could make the bike helmet the thing of the past. >> silence may be golden but not any more. the movie buffs on more of a classic era. >> we begin in ukraine where a two-week stand off is showing no signs of dying down. the government is afternooning protesters to end the blockade at the capitol. you can see tens of thousands remain on the streets. the situation has drowned criticism from n.a.t.o. and tough talks from their closest allies. bell' tal allies. we'e response, but first let's talk about what is happening behind you. >> reporter: yes again, thousands of people have come out into what is called independent square. the protest of the protests in the center of the city in defiance of their government calling for its resignation. and waving the flag of the european union in many cases. tonight the protesters have had a boost. the german ambassador has arrived. he was due for a conference, and
Al Jazeera America
Dec 9, 2013 10:00am EST
of thansik shinawatra. the prime minister that they were trying to force out was the brother-in-law of the shinawatra. delivering another firing speech in front of the protesters. >> today we have done the best in thailand. this will enable us to change thailand and reform thailand for the future of the country. but apart from house dissolution nothing has changed. the protesters look like they're settling in for another long fight, although this was supposed to be the final day. al jazeera, bangkok. >> a difficult choice. a group in somalia choose between rebel fighters and letting families go hungry. >>> change is demanded in washington. >> and announcements later in the program. first in egypt more than 50 students have been arrested after a violent protest at universities in cairo. opportunities were demonstrating in support of the post president mohammed morsi and several police cars were set on fire. students have been demonstrat dg for months now and they're calling for the release of dozens of students who have been arrested and held without charges. protests escalated after
FOX News
Dec 4, 2013 3:00pm PST
folks to sign up for his health care law. >> and that's why i'm here, because i need your help. >> reporter: top republicans fired back today the president has now had five years in office. so if americans are feeling insecure about cancelled health plans and stagnant wages, they should blame him. >> when will they learn to say yes to common ground? when will they start listening to the american people? >> reporter: the president may also need to start listening to the millennials beyond just today's summit, where he suggested if all else fails, serve some alcohol to get young folks to sign up. >> if you're a bartender, have a happy hour. and also probably get health insurance because a lot of bar terns don't have it. >> reporter: a harvard university poll among 18 to 29-year-olds, 56% disapprove of the affordable care act, 39% approve. white house officials are touting a national journal poll that gives a rosier view. among the same age group, 53% say wait and see before making changes to the law. 26% say repeal it and 17% say provide more money to effectively implement it. un
Dec 2, 2013 6:00pm PST
them for, was their record of the least productive congress anybody had seen until then. 395 laws passed by the do-nothing congress. in modern times, we have sank to a whole new low. in the newt gingrich era -- remember that midterm election in bill clinton's first term, the republican revolution when they took the house for first time in a generation, the dozens of seats, that congress put the harry truman do-nothing congress to shame, passing only 88 laws in 1995. that is on record as the least productive congress in the united states, 1995. but now, oh, baby, usa! usa! new record! right now, john boehner's congress, this congress right now has passed fewer than 60 public laws in the whole year. unless some miracle happens in the roughly five minutes that john boehner plans to have congress working between now and the end of the year, we are about to set a new, all-time record, an all-time american record, since the history of our country, about to set a new all-time record for the size of the ratio between what we pay these guys and what they do. it's kind of easy to see what h
Dec 5, 2013 9:00am EST
with the wisdom to respond with whatever policies and laws might be needed to ensure greater peace and security in our land. bless us this day and every day and may all that is done be for your greater honor and glory. amen. the speaker pro tempore: the chair has examined the journal of the last day's proceedings and announces to the house her pproval thereof. pursuant to clause 1 of rule 1 the journal stands approved. for what purpose does the gentleman from montana seek recognition? mr. daines: mr. speaker, pursuant to clause 1 of rule 1, i demand a vote on agreeing to the speaker's approval of the journal. the speaker pro tempore: the question is on agreeing to the speaker's approval of the journal. those in favor say aye. those opposed, no. the ayes have it, the journal stands approved. for what purpose does the gentleman from montana seek recognition? mr. daines: madam speaker, i object to the vote on the grounds that a quorum is not present and i make a point of order that a quorum is not present. the speaker pro tempore: pursuant to clause 8 of rule 20, further proceedings on this questi
FOX Business
Dec 7, 2013 10:00am EST
. >> the bottom line is this law is working and will work into the future. >> reporter: a defiant president obama tried to change the narrative on his botched rollout claiming is turning the corner and benefits are kicking in as he unveiled another sales pitch that republicans are still not buying. >> while the white house wants to claim that is now working, we know obama care is still plagued with problems and every american deserves relief from it. >> reporter: relief is also needed for conditioningal democrats nervously watching their poll numbers sink ahead of 2014 while the president's own approval ratings plummet. he launched a new political campaign to call republicans out for not offering an alternative to a law that he vow $will not be torn down. >> you've got good ideas? bring them to me. let's go. but we're not repealing it as long as i'm president. i want everybody to be clear about that. >> reporter: with embattled health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius looking on, the president declared this is a top second-term priority. >> if i have to
Dec 4, 2013 6:00am PST
into replace and repeal after years of quotes and votes to undo the president's healing care law, they have to figure out what to do as the base meets a new reality. hillary clinton's shadow campaign marches on, why is bill clinton talking about one of his most famous campaign quotes from 1992. it's not it's the economy, stupid. in ukraine it looks like a cold war up rising stuck in a debate over democracy. we will go live to kiev for the latest. good morning from washington. this is "the daily rundown." coming up, a deep dive into bit coin and how it could fit into the world's phi national future. this is a wild new currency gaining steam online. let's get to the first reads of the morning. you can call the last month and a half for the republican party. after losing the last two contests after the shut down in the midst of a battle in the party, republicans clearly have the political swlj it comes to health care. they are in a bit of a quandary. they believe healing care is a winning issue, they are not sure of the next move. the president will test out some of the themes of the upcoming
Al Jazeera America
Dec 7, 2013 6:00pm EST
widespread outrage. this comes after a new law banning protests without government permission. we have been following this crackdown for time magazine. we are joined from cairo via skype. thanks for being with us today. >> thank you. >> with these women released with, do you accepts a shift in the government? do you think they may be softening their stance a little? >> it's important to make a distinction here. a lot of it depends on the prerogative of the individual judge in this case and what we saw here is that the judge iníñ the initial case handed down a set of sentences that were particularly harsh, and that caused the public's imagination, and that, i think, caused significant shift in public opinion, which weighed on the government and i think probably weighed on this judge's mind when he was making this second ruling, but yes, it is important to stress that this is coming into can text of a broader clamp down on political protests in the street and the same week that those sentences were handed down, the military-led government implemented a law that prohibits all public protests
Dec 8, 2013 8:00am PST
'm serious about it. >> okay. >> i don't see -- he was driving illegally and it is my fault. >> state law prohibits people from driving in the lane and no matter who you put the lane on the low is the law. >> thank you for bringing this to our attention. >>> we are back. if you are looking to see a movie there is a movie about family and justice. what is at the movies and what is showing in now showing. >> reporter: and around two broth merse a depressed town in america's rust belt. one of the brothers gets home from serving in iraq and lured into a ring and disappears. >> it is tough. makes me want to jump in there with you. >> see who walks out. >> when the police give up on the case it is up to his older brother to help him. out of the furnace with christian bale and forest whitaker. for now showing. >>> here is a strange story a trip from louisiana to california took a strange turn during a connecting flight in houston. a man says that he fell asleep on the plane that was filled with passengers when he woke up he was inside the plane all alone and locked inside. he was traveling on a
Dec 6, 2013 12:00pm EST
-span. treasury secretary jacob lew gave update on the dodd-frank regulation law. speaking at an event hosted by the pew charitable trust, secretary said the obama administration would press for more comprehensive global financial regulation in up coming g20 summit in australia. >> good morning everyone and thank you so much for joining us for this very special event. little housekeeping before i get started. please once secretary lew finish his remarks, stay seated. @&c"pe hosting this 76th secretary of the united states treasury jack lew. it has become a major influential voice on many of the toughest issues confronting society today. throughout 65 year history, pew has remain faithful to the guiding principle. tell the truth, and trust the people. be it healthcare, be it environment, economic mobility, pew has spoken truth to power to improve the lives of millions of people throughout the world. of course almost two years ago, pew along with the c.f.a. institute cofounded the council. which sought to give voice to the people's interest. i'm particularly pleased secretary lew will be speaki
Al Jazeera America
Dec 3, 2013 6:00am EST
are not exempt from public information laws and the state wanted to protect survivors of the shooting and loved ones of the 26 victims and the town of newtown said the tape also be released on wednesday. the northern plains in north midwest are dealing with cold temperatures but it's about to get much worse and let's bring in nicole mitchell. >> we have a brutal system coming from canada pulling the air down and it moved through the dakotas and starting to move into nebraska with all the moisture along with it but the cold air is going to take a couple days to really settle in. so if you are getting a taste of the cold air and saying this is it, no, wait until thursday and friday morning and even into the weekend and that is when we will see the worst of it but we have had widespread areas of snow and some is heavy snow and places like arrow head in minnesota could get a foot and a half and a couple places isolated two feet of snow so that is almost up to waist high you will be digging out of. widespread and you get the cold and the wind. the wind will be blowing it so interstates like 90 will
Al Jazeera America
Dec 4, 2013 6:00am EST
to file class action law suits, helping to avoid costly court cases about overtime and wage issues. workers will not be able to ban together over workplace disputes. >> the midwest rapped in a chill. let's go to nicole mitchell, meteorologist. >>> good morning, the temperatures dropped scantly after the last few days, and going down more as we head to the weekend. look at the national pictures. parts of colorado, and into the northern area of minnesota. that's where we have seen a couple of persistent bands. if you go back not to 5am yesterday or 5am the day before. you have consistent know since then, and the totals, places north, like two harbours over two feet. you may think it sounds awful and there has been a lot of accidents. people are starting to rack up the cross country skiing. more on the way today. as we go over time, it's blowing. temperatures are dropping and we have at winter storm warnings up. it is spreading south. some places to the south where we see fog. the combination of the warm hair, dense fog, arkansas and texas, we saw some of this, making the driving diff
Dec 1, 2013 11:00pm PST
percent traveled by train or bus or other transportation. >>> the chp and law enforcement all over the state have flooded freeways and roads looking for impaired drivers over the long thanksgiving weekend. as of this morning, 186 people had been arrested since thursday in the bay area. 1,073 have been arrested statewide. >>> fewer passengers are flying in and out of oakland airport than in years past. the oakland airport has dropped by 5 million since 2007. and that slump comes as crowds in san francisco airport jumped by about 9 million over the same period. >>> meantime sfo is enlisting the help of canines to make traveling a little more enjoyable. volunteers from the san francisco spca will begin visiting the airport with eight certified therapy dogs to help soothe the frayed nerves of stressed out passengers. the brigade have signs that say pet me. >>> hundreds of fixes and increased capacity, the federal health care website is set to handle 50,000 users simultaneously. errors have dropped from 6% to less than 1% the white house says. running or not, many republicans want to di
Dec 9, 2013 3:00pm PST
to the law there should be stronger executive oversight there needs to be enhanced review by the courts. and there needs to be a bit more transparency, certainly, so that we can all have the confidence in the public that we live in a safe country. but also one where we know enough about what the government is doing to be confident that people are striking the right balance. >> isn't it the case that the tech companies, though, have been providing data to the government? >> well, for many years, we have been responding to subpoenas, to warrants, to court orders. we, of course, know what we have been doing. but frankly, what really surprised people across the tech sector was at the end of october, "the washington post" reported that beyond these legal processes, there were government evidents to infect collect data. in this instance it was data moving between the data centers within yahoo! and within google. and that wasn't within the confines of any legal process that anybody was aware of. and that shent a shockwave throughout the industry. >> i've been reading today what some of the pri
FOX Business
Dec 9, 2013 7:00pm EST
. and a collection of troubling new obamacare developments tonight. the architect of the president's health care law moving along substantially when it comes to the president's impetus and false declaration that we could keep our doctors if we wanted to. here is ezekiel emanuel on fox news sunday. >> didn't they say if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor? >> yes. >> but if you want to pay more, you can do that. this is a matter of choice. and if you want to, you can pay for it. lou: he would be called an elitist for his remarks if he were a republican, so he gets away with it as a liberal. "the wall street journal" reporting that lower income individuals may be able to report on obamacare plans, but not the astronomical deductibles that will be required before the insurance kicks in. the average deductible for a so-called bronze plan on the exchange from the lower-priced coverage, is more than $5000 per year. that is more than 40% higher than the average deductible for an individually purchase plan before obamacare took effect. and volunteer fire departments could be the next victims of o
Al Jazeera America
Dec 7, 2013 6:00am EST
. it shocked many. their sentences were handed down in the same week as restricted protest laws. millions are being forced out of their country in droves. a lack of food has left them it'so late. >> we have this report. >> hundreds of refugees from fighting and distribution in their country. they walked several kilometres in the cold in rain. this 80-year-old arrived with her mentally challenged son. food supplies have been cut off. bakeries have been destroyed. there's no food or drink. if people see someone with a loaf of bread, they bid like at an auction. most are poor and dest it ute and is have to pay smugglers to ensure the safe effort. the revies arrival was with nothing more than documents. for most they experienced the longest journey to safety. three months ago. these people were turned away at the boarder. know they do. >> >> translation: i am sure the camp is better than living under air strikes. we lost a lot of family members. >> syrians used to cross into jordan. heavy fighting prevented thousands crossing through. this longer, safer route is crossing near the border into
FOX News
Dec 5, 2013 3:00am PST
. >> as a loyalist to the president, as somebody who is behind this law and worked hard with the team to get it passed, do you want to see somebody held accountable for this disastrous rollout? >> my view is that i can't make the decision whether or not it's best to fire somebody because ultimately this lies on the president's shoulders. we can't fire the president. >> you're saying if anybody should be held accountable, it should be barack obama? >> absolutely. >> the buck stops there. and we hrerd when he was running for president -- and we heard when he was running for president, beware, this is somebody who never had any executive experience. he's never run anything. now here we have rolled this out and it has been terrible. and he only met kathleen sebelius, it wasn't even one on one but face-to-face one time. this was his signature achievement. i think next time, a word to kathleen sebelius -- i know you're watching -- if you want to see the president more often, learn how to golf. at the same time i think he golfed 100 times. >> but is that okay with you? this is the signature plan of
Al Jazeera America
Dec 8, 2013 2:00am EST
are small. >> the los angeles city council just passed a law that requires a licence to sell the cigarettes, and ban sales on the streets in kiosks and vending machines. it's to discourage sales to minors. e-cigarettes are marketed to young people. especially in flavours like bubble gum and cotton candy. >> regulations is catching up with electronic cigarettes. three states are treating them like cigarettes. 100 cities, los angeles among onic cigarettes. los angeles is considering another bill banning the use of ecigarettes in places where tobacco is limited. the "the los angeles times" said there's not enough evidence of harm to restrict them, saying fear is not a good basis for regulation, research is. >> until there is more conclusive research, government agencies should be wary of overreacting. it's not an overreaction. >> we don't know what the dangers of using them might be. we wanted to err on the side of caution. adam phramany says it's good to keep them away from kids. we are trying to help people get off tobacco product. >> free-wheeling days may be over as government agencies tak
Dec 8, 2013 2:30pm PST
unity law. in 1516, the bearberry and ruler decreed beer could only be made with water, malt, hops, and yeast and nothing else. there was relative calm on the streets of the thai capital after days of angry protests. police itrs and should can says the government took steps to calm a dangerous escalation of violence. police were ordered to stand back as demonstrators calling for the resignation of the to entert were allowed government compounds and tear down barricades outside of the police headquarters. i ask the business community and all people, including the protesters, to unite and reform our country under the king. the protestant leader insists the prime minister must resign at the end of the week. the demonstrators were still on the streets. lower --y's extreme extreme right is facing a ban. interior ministers launched a case the constitutional court to outlaw the party. the petition alleges it is like anti-'s nazi and is democratic. a previous attempt to ban them failed a decade ago. >> african and asian nations agreed on urgent measures to tackle the illegal ivory trade. s
Al Jazeera America
Dec 3, 2013 5:00am EST
in bangkok and has seen some of the worst protests and law enforcement classes over the last couple of days and we were there when they pulled down the bash wire together and protesters and police officers and a steady flow of protesters walked down the streets and into the grounds of the police headquarters and further down the street into the government house and that is where the prime minister has her office. the police got the order to allow the protesters in the compounds of the very symbolic buildings but not allowed in the buildings themselves, that was a compromise if you will between the protesters and protest leaders and the law enforcement officials. that is because the protest leaders said he wanted to take down the government and take over government house but at least put now he can say he got in the ground and gave a speech behind me a couple hours ago where he said it was a partial victory for this movement but the fight continues and probably will pick backup at the end of the week. >> reporter: he remains very defiant, what exactly are his goals, his plans to bring down
Al Jazeera America
Dec 3, 2013 10:00am EST
in kenya have marched in protest against a new law which they say has imposed restrictions on the media. >> reporter: there are a series of provisions that they say amount to gags of the press. there's government oversight of the media, and according to the journalists this all amounts to a shift in political culture. >> they are trying to clamp down on freedom of expression, and therefore an attack on democrats. >> reporter: there are other laws that are being considered. according to the activists and the journalists, this is all part of a wider change in in political culture that takes this country back to the authoritarian control. >>> tens of thousands of people detroit await anxiously on a ruling on whether the city will go into bankruptcy. (vo) al jazeera america we understand that every news story begins and ends with people. >> the efforts are focused on rescuing stranded residents. (vo) we pursue that story beyond the headline, past the spokesperson, to the streets. >> thousands of riot police deployed across the capitol. (vo) we put all of our global resources behind every s
Al Jazeera America
Dec 3, 2013 1:00pm EST
what is in the case. and because of criminal law, she is not held to secrecy, and that she can is able to express herself before the prez. and that she cannot only not give you a copy of the document, that i gave to her as original this morning, this is forbidden under the law, but she has the right to communicate to you if she so wishes, what she has received as information this morning. and it is in this very strict legal context that we have decided to hold this, so she can express herself, and that once she has expressed herself, everyone can leave her alone. that's it. so to focus the information on the context, which is suddenly an obviously of world importance, this is normal that suha arafat express herself, and she is doing so through the communications that she about to give you. >> good evening, as you know, i have lost my husband. on the 11th of october, 2004, following what was given to me as as a cerebral hemorrhage as a result of intestinal complications. blue no sign of fever had been assessed at the time. and numerous rumors have. it is after these conditions that 2011
Al Jazeera America
Dec 4, 2013 4:00pm EST
's principal said student had been shot and was en route to the hospital. law enforcement officers were at the scene and they were observing all safety procedures. we'll bring you more information as we get it. >>> in a matter of just ten days the nation will mark the one year anniversary of the sandy hook massacre. today brought a painful remind reminder. prosecutors have released 911 called. al jazeera will not air those calls. >> reporter: we did listen to seven calls shortly after fires were shot inside sandy hook elementary school. a woman called the police dispatcher and said she had glimpsed someone running down the hall with a gun saying they were still shooting. and glass had been shot out but the school was on lock down. officers entered the school nine minutes after the 911 call. by then the shooting was over and adam lanza had killed himself after takings lives of 20 children and six educators. >> we're not playing the calls and for obvious reasons, but i'm still curious as to the tone of the calls you listened to. >> reporter: some of them were calm. the custodian was a lit
Al Jazeera America
Dec 7, 2013 1:00pm EST
how the health care law is going to help health care law is going to help them or hurt them. them or hurt them. >> they know they can get >> they know they can get extremist bickering somewhere extremist bickering somewhere else. else. >> people say that we're >> people say that we're revolutionary. revolutionary. our revolution is just going our revolution is just going back to doing the best in back to doing the best in journalism. journalism. >> this is the place to go watch >> this is the place to go watch high quality journalism, period. high quality journalism, period. >> hello. we remind you the top stories here on al jazeera. more french soldiers have arrived in central africa republic to protect civilians. 21 egyptian women and girls have been freed from prison after their successful appeals hearing. they have been sentenced to something years in jail after protesting in alexandria. and the world trade organization has agreed to the first-deal to boost global commerce. it is designed to make it easier for patioer countries to trade in international markets. an american wa
FOX News
Dec 4, 2013 11:00pm PST
, and the president knows we have ideas. in fact we go back to 2009 the obama care law was passed. all the republicans in the end voted against that bill, but we voted for our alternative. and in fact, the alternative that we had was even enjoyed a congressional budget office score which said that our plan would actually lower the cost of premium, unlike obama care. >> why is the president saying that? he says it yesterday in his speech, he says you have no idea, no alternatives. >> it's more of the same that we've seen from this president in the white house. it's my way or the highway and the public should just accept it. and that's really been the attitude that this white house has been b and people are hurting now. those of us in the republican conference in the house really want to help people with their health care and unfortunately, we know that obama care is just not ever going to get there. the website is just the beginning, because underneath it all is a flawed law that really is not going to give people the kind of health care that they want at the prices they can afford. >> see, here's what
Dec 1, 2013 8:00pm PST
the boat from moscow state university. but the officials are doing is a violation of international law. the fact that they are essentially on the ground and yes cheerleading the protesters are calling for a revolution in the country. this is tantamount to the regime change that has been called for in german newspapers earlier today. this is the most egregious violation of the united nations charter and international law violation of sovereignty and the non interference in domestic affairs of other states. and i think russia cannot take it the whole world community cannot take this the dream just act like that. check out our good outcome for latest graphics photos and news from kiev we have a detailed timeline of events in case you've missed anything. this coming week iran and six world powers a second draft the first steps towards implementing the nuclear deal that was recently sealed in geneva the process isn't expected to be an easy one though although it's seen as a diplomatic breakthrough the cream it has already faced fierce criticism including from wrongs long standing regional f
Dec 5, 2013 5:30am PST
the case in style. how often the tournament needs of self defense in accordance with international law. japan and the united states should respond to read of the issues in an object at the fair manner. secondly as i pointed out earlier in the country has unilaterally change the status quo. repeated tension in the region. its all time she didn't. titus new addy for identification zone was established last month. it covers the disputed tou islands and overlaps with the us. i liked it as a vip the us and japan both the five chinese requirements friday and warplanes students only. china responded by scrambled fighter jets. but biden's visit to china was planned long ago but forty recent wave of tensions. it was well written read the focus of discussions on he shows that the dprk see leah cybersecurity and was keen understanding of china's blueprint for keeping wish for. anybody know. now this is happening under the cloud of its air defense though and i think that there's enough attention to both of these things to reassure allies in the region us allies and to try to build the new positive
Dec 8, 2013 5:30pm PST
are outside germany's brewers started lobbying for the country's beer purity law to be recognized by unesco. they're hoping to have their craft added to the cultural heritage list ahead of the five hundred year anniversary of the law. in fifteen sixteen the bavarian rule a decree that you could only be made with water malt hops and east and nothing else. there was a relative's home on the streets of the thai capital bangkok on tuesday after days of angry protests. protesters and police to kansas the government took steps to call a dangerous escalation of violence. police were ordered to stand back as demonstrators calling for the resignation of the government were allowed to enter government compounds and tear down barricades outside the police headquarters. in july the academic and business communities and all people including the protesters to unite and reform our country under eighteen the team protest leaders seemed to come to bond insists the prime minister must resign at the end of the week the demonstrators were still out on the streets. germany's extreme right npt is faced with an i
Dec 9, 2013 10:30am PST
law. when you win. stallings cats with the ukrainian opposition says brace themselves for the wires as unwise release around that time in the car so that she put the security forces as an insult to the center console that time. the following e government steps up its legal quiet town for reform. i see this as a number of those arrested had just closed to the three thousand mom. david cameron takes what is to launch an inquiry into the oil law is trying to imbue easy thing to giant to rot. outside the home of the scene and the chance to protest the games he's straight. in. the it says on the international. welcome to the pile. and there's no plan to storm the protests a skunk and the ukrainian council smith on bass according to the country's security forces chief. still the axis of greece who sells for a long siege all even and sold off to riot police surrounded the independence square in kiev on c's pulls off his back for us. is this sense of uncertainty idea of the central kiev right now was the protests continued up peacefully behind to make a riot police have gathered on the frin
Dec 1, 2013 7:00pm PST
the sermon preached week the new york times. laws this is being received. an aussie croatia in the region as a whole. if you do and we the craze. yes the beach said it was not surprised but was disappointed by the result let's recall that effectively gives the police and also frightening is the meal on a beach called to go. not to accept that these polls though it's possible that by the church back to the faith. it was going to get it tonight at the headquarters of the pro tolerance movement in front of a sign that said he expects the bill on referendum to be change and change the look is kind of referendum. do not repeat in the future. we also expect that the moon some kind of unions or gay couple to be adopted in the future of your thinking about the region there was only a reaction to this referendum in the balls yet there is a huge box in the christian minority in both know that two thirds of them decided that the ban what's much more than price and revolting against the adoption of gay marriage thank you very much indeed to our regional correspondent all we all got up to it. the belo
Dec 6, 2013 8:00am EST
question is, under law, ferc and deal we have joined authority. it's not real clear -- and d.o.e. -- how that authority if it all, is coordinated. madam chairwoman, is there any ad hoc protocol with the department of energy on how you review the permit process and how d.o.e. interviews just the fact that it's i in the national interest to do the exports? >> thank you for the question. it is a very important part of our work, and as commissioner clark said, we have 13 substantial applications pending. we primarily worked in our own lane, which is to review the environment and safety issues of the facilities. and d.o.e. reviews the actual national interest, national security issues with the export of the commodity. and so i think our staff communicates so we understand what our mutual status of our, but if we don't actually to my knowledge actually collaborate on the cases. we do our work and they do our work -- their work to my knowledge. >> is there any interest at the commission's level with some congressional legislative guidance on how that process should be coordinated, if at all? >>
Dec 9, 2013 11:00am PST
of the media. there's no law that's going to stop people from going into town and violating this request. that's where it gets difficult. from cnn's perspective, there are many, many ways to cover this story without being there. while acknowledging the requests from the town. you can have retrospectives, look at the individuals of the victims, you can revisit some of the unknown elements of the crime itself. so i think that cnn is doing the right thing. other news organizations are as well. and this is going to come up again and again, unfortunately, because the fascination, horror of the story, will not diminish. >> hearing from those parents, i'm conflicted. i really actually admire the strength they showed today to come out, because they know that there is this need, this demand. america wants to mourn with them. so here we have them giving this full statement and saying essentially, listen, we're talking now. but come saturday, we want complete and utter privacy. is that how you see it? >> it is. and you know, they're not saying we don't ever think the media should be here and we're never
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Dec 2, 2013 3:00am EST
on university campuses held rallies against a new anti-protest law and the killing of a fellow student by security forces. >> a draft constitution has been approved by the interim government. let's look at the controversial points. it let's the army decide who the defence minister will be for the next eight years, and bans political parties based on religi religion. the draft will go to a referendum. if ratified, elections will take place. tell us more about the controversial constitution. >> what's new this morning to many egyptians is the fact this it seems there'll be a change to the roadmap that the military government put forward. earlier we have been hearing that first the constitution will be drafted and it will be put to a referendum. if approved there'll be parliamenty elections and presidential elections. in the draft resolution, it seems it's not clear. it's left to the president to decide if presidential elections will be held before parliamentary elections or at the same time. many see there's some room left for general abdul fatah al-sisi to run for the presidency and win
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Dec 2, 2013 9:00pm EST
in law enforcement yourself. we want to bring in bruce whittaker, the mayor of fullerton. and he pushed for the release of the surveillance video of kelly thomas's beating. can you tell us about the impact of this video and why it is so important that it be released to the public? >> yes, thank you. the reason that i felt that release of the video, audio and video of the altercations were so important was that we received a very loud and clear signal from the public who were aghast at what had occurred and they very much were interested in particulars. and what exactly had happened. >> it is not a short video. >> no, in fact the complete video is available online on youtube. it's about 34 minutes. and i've urged some people who are very curious about what happened to gird themselves a little bit and watch that video. >> would you say by encouraging the release of this and you really fought for this video to be released to the general public were you in some way being anti-law enforcement in trying to expose this? >> no. in fact, it was my view that we take the wrong view on what to prot
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Dec 6, 2013 4:00pm EST
technology used by law enforcement to bring down criminals and the crime rate. that's next on al jazeera. >> they are some of the meanest streets in the country. two cities where the california dream has really been fading into a reality of crime, but oakland and richmond, california, are fighting back. not with boots on the ground, but with bots. technologhat can track a gunshot from thousands of miles away. "techknow's" lindsay moran spent time on the ground to find out how this works. >> reporter: oakland and richmond is a network of high tech ears. acoustic sensors that could be a game changing in reducing gun violence. it's part of "shot spotter." within seconds after a gun is fired the system pinpoints the location, and alerts police dispatchers and patrol units. >> the first thing it shows is that there were multiple gunshot fires and give us pinpoint location. i almost have realtime information where shots are being fired and where i'm going. >> here's how it works. when a gun is fired, the sound is picked up and recorded by multiple season cores placed in different locations. ea
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Dec 8, 2013 6:00pm EST
made and that women do feel more comfortable reporting these crimes with or without these new laws being passed? >> there is definitely a since that the military is acknowledging there is a problem to unprecedented degree. that has been shown in the number of rape reports going up. so perhaps there is more of a feeling among people in uniform that they feel more safe coming forward. that said, the military has acknowledged that it has had a problem with sexual assault over the course of the last 20 years. every time there has been a major public scandal, they have acknowledged they had a problem. acknowledging the problem is clearly not enough. it's the first step toward the solution. so we shall see, you know, what will happen next. >> there is talk of maybe coming up with a solution there with rolling stone magazine, thank you for your time today. >> thank you very much. >> . >> michael eaves is here with the sports headlines. n.f.l., big day for those teams playing today. >> big day and a big setback. adrian peterson was carted off of the field with an apparent ankle injury, w
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